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Getaway for Good!

We help charitable and social organizations raise important program funding by offering lodging packages at our Inn with a risk-free option for fundraising procurement for your event. You provide your bidders a unique getaway in a stunning northern California vacation spot and your organization receives a lucrative and exciting item for your auction.

Packages are Risk Free

Each of our packages must meet a reserve amount unique to each package and this amount is due after the auction if it sells not before, so there is no cost to your organization to include it in the auction, and no cost if it doesn't sell. Non Profits keep 100% of the highest bid made over the reserve amount.

For example, if a package reserve is $1500 the retail value is $3000 and you sell it for $3200, then you keep $1700 and send $1500 to Cottages at Little River Cove. We have several packages can be sold an unlimited number of times.

We ask travelers to provide two or three sets of non-holiday dates, and 95% of the time we are able to book their first set of dates. Our booking process is simple, they just call one of our innkeepers.

Charities will make between $400 and $2000 off each package at a well-attended event. Payment along with winning bidder contact information is due within 15 days after the event. Organizations can enter as many packages as they feel will receive bids on.

Once you have confirmed the auction items you wish to offer, you will receive a certificate to give to your winning bidders. You must use the package text details on our promotional flyers exactly as written.

You have the liberty to start bidding at any price, knowing that it must sell for at least our reserve for a sale to occur.

The day following your event, we need to know by email, what packages sold and to whom. Upon receipt of our invoice, payment is due by check to the Cottages at Little River Cove 15 days after your event.

Our packages are non-refundable. Please use all text provided by Cottages at Little River Cove as we assume no responsibility for any changes made to text.

Book a getaway fundraising event!

Increase your fundraising dollars this year and hold a travel auction! We offer entire package to couple with an existing event. We can provide 2 to 15 packages. This option makes procurement a breeze and adds an attractive additional fundraiser to an existing event like a dinner, festival or other gathering. Contact us for more details.