I'm Still Standing Birthday Getaway

"Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid?" You most assuredly deserve an "I’m Still Standing" straw boater and merit badge, or something a little special. We passed the hat to offer you a 2-day lodging special at 19.83 prices!

Local Yokel in Little River

Take a well-deserved one night escape! If your driver’s license reads that you are a local resident of Mendocino or one of the other Western Superior Counties you benefit from this special package at The Cottages at Little River Cove.

Up Where We Belong

"Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong". If you are an Officer, enlisted, or simply a gentleman, or gentlewoman, returning home from deployment in Iraq or Afghanistan, we’d like to do our part to welcome you home.


Romance is often simply the result of a thoughtful surprise, a few heartfelt loving words with special meaning, and pausing to celebrate serenity together. What better way to spark the romance than a bottle of wine & roses waiting in your cottage...

Message in a Bottle Proposal Package

Surprise your intended with a memorable wedding proposal on the beach in Buckhorn Cove or Little River Cove; the Cottages overlook Little River Cove and the beach is an easy 15-minute walk away.

The Breakfast Proposal

Numerous scientific studies conducted by major west coast universities have demonstrated that 99.99% of marriage proposals made during Breakfast at Circa ’62 at the Inn at Schoolhouse Creek result in a resounding YES...

Leap of Faith Elopement

Elopement is a marriage conducted in sudden and secretive fashion; usually involving hurried flight away with one’s beloved with the intention of getting married. "Leap of Faith" is an OMG Let’s Elope Now special!

Leap of Faith in Grand Style

Leap of Faith In Grand Style, is an OMG Let’s Elope Now package for when your mind’s made up, you think sometimes more is more, and making it grand but just us, makes a lot of sense. Eloping at the Cottages is wonderful and easy.

Easy as 1,2,3!

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3... or 4 or even 5! This is the real deal! The more weekdays you stay with us the bigger the discount.

The Great Escape

Seize your Freedom. Get in touch with your inner Steve McQueen or Queen McSteve and make a break for it.

Playing Hooky Picnic & Midweek Getaway Package

Getaway, escape, make a break for it, liberate yourself, breakout, flee, slip away, let that freedom bell ring… Whatever you want to call it, playing hooky midweek is an essential component of any sound mental health program.